Navigating the PostgreSQL Seas: A Quest To Hidden Treasures

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Who am I

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The treasure map

  • Small gems
  • Text Quoting
  • Pattern matching
  • Complex datatypes handling
  • Upsert/MERGE

Small Gems

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DDL is transactionnal

laetitia=# create table test(id integer generated always as identity);
laetitia=# table test;
(0 rows) 
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DDL is transactionnal

laetitia=# begin;

laetitia=*# drop table test;

laetitia=*# table test;
2024-04-11 13:05:20.589 CEST [18422] ERROR:  relation "test" does not exist at character 7
2024-04-11 13:05:20.589 CEST [18422] STATEMENT:  table test;
ERROR:  relation "test" does not exist
LINE 1: table test;

laetitia=!# rollback;
laetitia=# table test;
(0 rows)
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COMMENT ON LANGUAGE plpython IS 'Python support for stored procedures';

COMMENT ON OPERATOR - (NONE, integer) IS 'Unary minus';

COMMENT ON DATABASE my_database IS 'Development Database';

COMMENT ON ROLE my_role IS 'Administration group for finance tables';
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Specialized indexes

  • multicolumns
  • partial
  • covering
  • expression
  • special ops
  • b-tree, BRIN, hash, GiST, GIN, SP-GiST
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Foreign Data Wrappers

Access ALL YOUR DATA (really, all your data, we are not joking) from EVERYWHERE to Postgres!
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Server-side programming

  • PL/Java
  • PL/Python
  • PL/R
  • PL/pgSQL (like PL/SQL)
  • PL/Ruby
  • PL/Scheme
  • PL/sh
  • PL/Tcl
  • PL/v8 (JavaScript)
  • SPI (C)
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Your precious ship: text quoting

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Text quoting

  • " (double quote) for identifiers
  • ' (quote) for strings
  • escape character: \
  • escaping quotes: ''
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Dollar-Quoted String

$$Dianne's horse$$
$SomeTag$Dianne's horse$SomeTag$
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Your straw hat: text searching

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Like and ilike

  • like (with or without _ or %)
  • ilike
  • ~~ and ~~*
  • !~~ and !~~*
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Similar to

string SIMILAR TO pattern [ESCAPE escape-character]

string NOT SIMILAR TO pattern [ESCAPE escape-character]
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Similar to

  • | for alternation
  • *, +, ?, {m,n} for repetition
  • () for groups
  • [] for a character class
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Proper regular expressions

  • ~ operator
    'thomas' ~ 't.*ma' → t
  • ~* operator
    'thomas' ~ 't.*ma' → t
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Proper regular expressions

  • !~ operator
    'thomas' !~ 't.*max' → t
  • !~* operator
    'thomas' !~* 'T.*ma' → f
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Regular expression functions

regexp_count regexp_replace
regexp_instr regexp_replace
regexp_like regexp_split_to_array
regexp_match regexp_split_to_table
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Your crew: complex data types handling

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SELECT '"foo"'::jsonb @> '"foo"'::jsonb;

SELECT '[1, 2, 3]'::jsonb @> '[1, 3]'::jsonb;

SELECT '[1, 2, 3]'::jsonb @> '[3, 1]'::jsonb;

SELECT doc->'site_name' FROM websites
  WHERE doc @> '{"tags":[{"term":"paris"}, {"term":"food"}]}';
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JSON path

  • $.track.segments: retrieves the available track segments
  • $.track.segments[*].location: retrieves the contents of an array
  • $.track.segments[1].location: returns the coordinates of the first segment only
  • ? (condition): filters
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JSON Tables

  • Query JSON data in SQL
  • Not in Postgres 15
  • Not in Postgres 16
  • Hopefully in postgres 17 🤞
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Geographical data

  • PostGIS
  • Mix of spatial queries and traditional SQL
  • "What are the cities within 150 KM of Boston with the 10 lowest medium home prices?"
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Geographical data

select name,
from interesting_cities
where (
  select ST_Distance (
      ST_Transform (location, 3587),
      ST_Transform( (
        select location
        from interesting_cities
        where name = 'Boston'), 3587)
  ) ) < 150000
order by medium_hval
limit 10;
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Geographical data

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The one piece: Upserts/MERGE

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Inserts tricks

  • on conflict
  • returning
  • CTEs
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WITH upd AS (
  UPDATE employees SET sales_count = sales_count + 1 WHERE id =
    (SELECT sales_person FROM accounts WHERE name = 'Acme Corporation')
INSERT INTO employees_log SELECT *, current_timestamp FROM upd;
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INSERT INTO distributors (did, dname)
    VALUES (5, 'Gizmo Transglobal'), (6, 'Associated Computing, Inc')
    ON CONFLICT (did) DO UPDATE SET dname = EXCLUDED.dname;
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MERGE INTO wines w
USING wine_stock_changes s
ON s.winename = w.winename
WHEN NOT MATCHED AND s.stock_delta > 0 THEN
  INSERT VALUES(s.winename, s.stock_delta)
WHEN MATCHED AND w.stock + s.stock_delta > 0 THEN
  UPDATE SET stock = w.stock + s.stock_delta
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Thank you!

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